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Since 1988, JAPONICA PARTNERS has built our track record by creating transformational investments with low risk high return. Our culture is to see what others do not see and to use “education-education-education” to accomplish what others believe is impossible.

Japonica’s investment track record is the result of a highly selective number of transformational investment efforts: Greek government bonds (GGBs), Sunbeam-Oster Company, CNW Corp, Allegheny International, and withdrawing the Borden restructuring proposal.

Japonica's transformational investments have three building blocks: discover systemic misconceptions, discover a massive undervaluation, and create extraordinary value.

Japonica builds customized superstructure teams for each transformational investment that:

  • Discover systemic misconceptions rooted in financial statements (especially balance sheets), which do not reflect economic reality
  • Discover a massive undervaluation, which starts with building detailed consolidated and segment financial statements
  • Create extraordinary value by optimizing these discoveries, often through informal and formal education, with the balance sheet as the primary financial performance measurement tool
  • Japonica is not a fund and does not provide investment advice. For internal management purposes, Japonica measures its investment track record according to the best practice Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).

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