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Japonica builds customized superstructure teams for each transformational investment that: discover systemic misconceptions rooted in financial statements (especially balance sheets), which do not reflect economic reality; discover a massive undervaluation, which starts with building detailed consolidated and segment financial statements; and create extraordinary value by optimizing these discoveries with the balance sheet as the primary financial performance measurement tool.

Japonica’s culture is to see what others do not see and to use “education-education-education” to accomplish what others believe is impossible.

Japonica’s superstructure teams have a singular focus on only one transformational effort at any one time, which provides a unique competitive advantage over the standard and customary investment models. Japonica superstructure teams are managed to break down established professional silos to create value through carefully focused collaboration.

Japonica seeks to encourage its team members to think beyond counting the number of FTEs. The superstructure model allows Japonica to obtain the highest value add from the best professionals in precise niches in as short a period as possible.

Japonica has managed superstructure team members in 17 countries.

Superstructure Example: Japonica’s superstructure team members span a comprehensive global landscape of the best and brightest in their respective sectors. For example, the Greek Government Bond (GGB) transformational investment superstructure team exceeded 200 of the best and brightest in their professional sectors including but not limited to (in alphabetical order): academics, capital markets specialists, conference organizers, credit rating agency professionals, domestic law specialists, finance specialists, government administrators, historians, international lawyers, macro-economists, lobbyists, media specialists, micro-economists, NGO executives, private sector C-level managers, professional investment managers, public and private sector accountants, public private sector auditors, statisticians, sovereign wealth fund executives, and think tank executives.

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