$1.5 Billion Turnaround of Fortune 300 Sunbeam-Oster

Investment: Japonica was the largest and controlling shareholder.

Underperforming Global Special Situation Description: A diversified consumer and professional products underperforming global special situation holding company of dozens of autonomous business units, suffering from a loss of passion for innovation and performance, with once leading market shares and brand recognition in multiple channels of distribution.

Global Reach: This underperforming global special situation had number one or leading market shares in product categories throughout the world, with proprietary product strength in North America and Latin America, and niche product leadership in select markets in Europe and Japan; and dedicated supply chain partners in Asia, especially China. Approximately 10,000 employees.

“Perfectly Aligned” Relationships: Japonica has developed and builds “perfectly aligned” relationships with its partners and other key relationships in all respects, including economics, structure, and governance. Japonica senior management who assumed positions at the underperforming global special situation received no equity compensation, transaction fees, or non-shareholder approved compensation.

Japonica Creating Value: Japonica management created value turning around this underperforming global special situation, assuming the Chairman/CEO and other senior executive positions, and changing its culture to become entrepreneurial.

Discovering Value: Japonica assembled a team of well over 100 entrepreneurs and niche specialists who worked for approximately 30 months discovering value gaps based on hidden nuggets of value and transformational business plans.

Partner Creating Value: Japonica Partners created value in two sectors: the global capital markets sector, with investment judgments, intelligence, networking, and communications; and the commerce sector through strengthening relationships, geographic expansion, facilitating acquisitions, and supply chain enhancements.
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